Client: Huntsville Collective
Project: ‘Hindsight is 20/20’ Gallery Show
Role: Project Manager, Art Director, Event Coordinator, Social Media Manager
Location: Remote
Date: 2020

Details: I organized a gallery show from start to finish while working remotely in 2020. I assembled a team of graphic designers to help with the promotional advertisments for a statewide call for entry. After the submissions closed, we coordinated with four working artists to jury the submissions. The project culminated in a two week show that was covid-conscious. In the end, 50 artists participated in the show; all from the state of Alabama.

Team Credits:
Promotional Photography: Jemma Castiglione Heath Atchley and Matt Pittman
Call for Entry: Elise Woods and Jasmine Loren
Show Poster: Reed Smith
Judges: Aubrey Denis, Kourtney Imam, Sarah Conklin, and Yoon Kim
DJ: Tesha Jay and Jayyun